Italian Pastry & Gelato


DURATION: 2 weeks - 60 hours

Taught in English


The Italian pastry tradition derives from a complex arrangement of environmental and historical factors. 

Interpreting the Italian territory by its “sweet” note can be fascinating. 

In the Northern regions the use of milk, cream and butter prevails in doughs and custards, while honey and berries, hazelnuts and chestnuts, corn and rice, buckwheat and rye do in the Alps area. 

In Central Italy, predominant ingredients are wheat and olive oil, peaches and chestnuts. 

In the Southern regions, in addition to wheat and oil, almonds and figs are a must, as well as pistachio and candied fruit.

This infinite culinary parade is accompanied by Italian Gelato, which goes back as far as the 17th century. Today it is recognized undoubtedly as the best ice cream in the world.



Getting to know the main regional pastry productions in Italy.

Getting to know the art of Italian gelato, it's characteristics and territory.



Required skills in the different typologies of merchandise and product analysis on an Organoleptical base.

Providing theoretical knowledge and techniques in Italian pastry and Gelato making.

Characteristics, use and artisanal preparation.

The selection process of products for creams and dough making.

Dosage and weight of ingredients.

Systems and techniques of cooking and freezing conservation.

Making of special breads and Italian regional breads.


Unit 1 


  • History of Italian pastry
  • Merchandise studies
  • Natural fermentation
  • Pre-ferments enzymes
  • The processing cycle of the Italian pastry products.
  • The principal basic dough for the Italian pastry
  • Pastry from North to South. 
  • Techniques for handling the dough
  • Processing and mixing creams for the composition of Italian pastries.
  • Organoleptical analysis of the final product.
  • Study Tour - chocolate factory and the museum of chocolate

Unit 2 


  • Italian Handcrafted Gelato
  • Gelato components
  • Basic concepts of product sectors: raw materials and compound ingredients
  • Chemistry and physics of gelato
  • Principles of gelato balancing techniques
  • Production of handcrafted gelato of all shapes: creating recipes for the basis and blends
  • Formulation of fruit gelato receipes
  • Hands-on workshop training



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