Italian Gelato Making - iGelato


DURATION: 2 weeks - 60 hours

Taught in English


Traditional, sweet, provocative, sensual, tasty, frozen, sticky, fruity, milky, creamy,
 colorful, complicated, balanced, simple, international, cool, loved, crazy, delicate, Funny, romantic, innovative, global…

The Italian gelato is one of the flagships of our traditional food and its success is based on a typical innovation process, which sees the transformation, thanks to the elements of ice cream, fresh raw materials in an inimitable product, appreciated around the world, with its unique taste, very different from that of ice cream or the American frozen yogurt. 

Today it is recognized undoubtedly as the best of its kind.


The acquisition of techniques and methodologies useful for creation and trading of Italian Handcrafted Gelato.



  • Being able to identify the characteristics and Quality of raw materials
  • Being able to design innovative recipes;
  • Identify property of the different types of Ice Cream bases
  • Experiment with innovative combinations of taste in ice cream products and other food products (wine, oil, cheese, vegetables etc.).
  • Choose the decorations most appropriate for the best representation of the product.
  • Realization of cold cream cakes made with chocolate


Unit 1 - Gelato components 

  • Basic concepts of product sectors: Raw materials and compound ingredients
  • Chemistry and physics of gelato
  • Principles of gelato balancing techniques
  • Hands-on workshop training


Unit 2 - Balancing techniques and work methodologies

  • Production of handcrafted gelato of all shapes.
  • Formulating recipes for the basis and blends.
  • Formulation of fruit gelato receipts.
  • Hands-on workshop training.
  • Use of a specific software for balancing.
  • Preparation for the sensory analysis of the results.



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COST OF COURSE:  € 1.980,00 (VAT exempt)