Italian Cuisine


DURATION: 2 weeks - 60 hours

Taught in English



From North to South, Italy has a diversified world of wine and food products.

The main feature of Italian cuisine in its extreme simplicity and naturalness.


This simplicity finds its origins in a historical evolution rooted in basic human reactions and knowledge that even today can be considered the core of western culinary mentality and habits.


Therefore, as a fundamental step towards innovation in the Italian cuisine, tradition must be well known and handled with skills to be provided during the course.






Having tradition as a departure point and being accompanied by UDS expert Chefs, students are invited to a journey in which they get acquainted with Italian cuisine and reinterpret food according to modern Italian habits and culinary culture.




Food Resources and Italian culinary traditions;

Modern interpretation (according to innovative processing methods) of the local traditions and the interrelationships with the identity of the products expressed by it.

Submit recipes and dishes of traditional Italian cuisine with a

modern twist.

Presenting the preparation and composition of typical dishes, according to the different regional standards.

Designing and creating recipes and menus for different culinary specialties.

Evaluate the image of the culinary product to be presented while guaranteeing standards of quality and prefixed taste.

Using innovative technologies for handling and storage of food.



Unit 1


The origins of Italian gastronomy: the Etruscans and the Romans.

The Middle Ages on the table.

Origins of modern hospitality and food serving: tabernae et hostarie.

(‘taverns and inns’) wine, bread, pasta and desserts: the Italian history.

Cooking Workshop: “Preparation of a Medieval banquet”.

Study tour: going “truffle hunting” and a visit to a company of processing and production of truffles.

Cooking Workshop: study and making of traditional Italian recipes with a modern twist.



Unit 2


Study and realization of the main dishes of the Central-North and Southern Italy.

Comparison between traditional recipes and traditional recipes with a modern twist using advanced methods of preparation.

Sensory analysis laboratory.

Presentation Techniques.


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