Urbani Contest

We finally have the list of The Winners!!!

It wasn’t easy to take a decision as you are all well prepared and  motivated.  
It’s an honor to share this experience with you and we are sure that you feel the same, we are also sure that you will do your very best to show your skills and your passion.

A special thanks goes to those who weren’t selected. You now belong to a big family: Università dei Sapori and Urbani Tartufi.
We will soon have the possibility to show you our gratitude!


Berets – Orange County, CA –Art Institutes

Honky Kong - Nashville, TN - Art Institutes

Kadima - Virginia Beach VA – Art Institutes

Team Soigne - Pittsburgh, Pa- Art Institutes

Tinseltown Men - Hollywood, CA – Art Institutes

Truffle Bound - Tampa, FL - Art Institutes

Vancity Duo - Vancouver, Canada - Art Institutes

About The Contest
Students objective will be to find an original recipe with truffle as the main ingredient as well become more familiar with this unique product. The Foundation Paolo Urbani will offer 14 full scholarships on Italian Cuisine presented by UDS ( Universita dei Sapori) in Perugia, Italy. The Scholarship will be an investment in the future of promising participants and a great way to pass along Paolo Urbani’s Legacy & Heritage. In addition, the winning recipe will be considered to be developed as a new Urbani Tartufi Product and will feature the creator’s name as well his Culinary Institution.