The school

UdS was founded in the early 90s by a group of local entrepreneurs operating in the sectors of commerce, catering and tourism. Their objective was to resolutely hand down their professional knowhow and, above all, their passion for traditional regional artisan crafts.

Thanks also to the partnerships with public institutions, such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Regional Authority of Umbria, the Province of Perugia, and Confcommercio (Confederation of small and medium enterprises in commerce, tourism and catering) this idea resulted today in a major, well-established and irreplaceable institution serving as a “breeding-ground and crossroads” to provide not only employment opportunities for young people, but also opportunities for professionals and enterprises to upgrade their own culinary knowledge.

For the last ten years, the school has trained more than 3,200 cooks, sommeliers, bartenders, pastry chefs and waiters offering its graduates real work and growth opportunities.

The advanced vocational training programs in the sectors of catering, commerce and tourism make UdS a regional and national center of excellence, aiming at enhancing and deploying the eno-gastronomic treasures of Italy.

The close link between the world of catering enterprises and those of food in general, from which the majority of the UdS teaching staff comes from, ensures that the programs’ educational content is the latest and most pertinent to real companies’ needs.


Entry to the culinary job market must involve qualified training that is as specific as possible.

This is why the training of job seekers stems from careful analysis of the needs of businesses to the interpretation of market trends, in order to provide students with professional skills that are most in demand.

The context within which UdS operates also guarantees that foreign students will be actively introduced to the full Italian gastronomic culture.


The mix of academic lectures and active and interactive lessons is the main teaching method of programs at UdS.

Experimentation and structured planning are encouraged throughout the involvement of students in thinking-creating-evaluating activities that are shared with others (students, experts, and instructors).

This method is applied both inside and outside UdS, increasing the value of the school as a great resource for learning.


Umbria, gaining a new global appreciation in the last decades, serves as a perfect context for culinary excellence.

Being one of Italy’s greatest paradises of food, beverage and millenary culinary heritage, its capital city Perugia is with no doubt the best combination of art, culinary excellence, and history for the students.

The courses at UdS are held in its headquarters, a modern building with more than 5,000 m2 of study space, located a few kilometers away from the historical center of Perugia, yet immersed in greenery.