Students’ life

After attending classes, in Perugia city center you can meet with friends in Piazza IV Novembre.

If you do not wish to eat at the university cafeteria, you may choose where to eat among the many low cost opportunities that the city center offers: a typical meal for students - a slice of pizza (on average 1.50 €) or a slice of torta al testo (typical sandwich from Perugia, 3.50 € approximately) or a kebab (a falafel and kebab 3 € to 3.50 €) .

You can sit on the steps of the beautiful Cathedral of San Lorenzo, along with hundreds of students like you and decide how to spend the rest of your evening: have a drink at one of the bars of Corso Vannucci and then go home or continue with one of the events in the many bars and night clubs in the center.

The choice is wide and it’s yours!

The pubs are all close to each other. You will often be able to choose between a live concert in one pub, a party dedicated to foreign students in another and a DJ set in yet another.

Most of the students do not own a car. For this reason, the Perugia by Night Service offers numerous types of evening transportation solutions.

Nightclubs or local entertainment places that are more distant from the center will offer a free night shuttle service for students over the weekend.