The Italian Culinary program is a result of a new partnership signed between The Art Institutes and Università Dei Sapori, a culinary arts institute in Umbria, Italy. The partnership provides Art Institutes’ students from all areas of study and faculty with a unique opportunity to study in Italy during the summer and winter breaks. Together, the two organizations collaborated on developing courses specifically for The Art Institutes emphasizing Italian culture and cuisine. The program takes advantage of UdS being part of the Umbria Chamber of Commerce having many partners in the food production and hospitality sectors. Art Institutes students will study the latest, most innovative know-how from the ‘greenbelt of Italy’ and acquire skills in authentic Italian cuisine taught by top Italian chefs.

To begin their journey, students and faculty can choose a course or two from the course list found on this website and enroll online. All payments are made directly to UdS for the course (s) and lodging. Once students or faculty arrive in Umbria, their schedule follows the syllabus for the selected courses. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to supplement their training with a follow-up practicum period of 1 week working at one of the local restaurants of Umbria and/or working with one of several partners of UdS. Upon completion of their course work, students will receive a certificate of completion that can be considered for credit applied to their degree studies.

The cost of each course is detailed on this website. The tuition price listed includes all costs associated with course study and labs. An additional cost applies to lodging and other services depending upon the requested accommodations. You can find accommodation pricing on the website as well. All payments for the courses in The Italian Culinary program (tuition and housing) are made directly to the Università dei Sapori and not to your Art Institutes’ location. This program is not covered by student financial aid and must be funded by through other resources.

According to the agreement between UDS and The Art Institutes all AI students  can benefit from a 10% discount on the prices shown on this website.

Students and faculty can enroll by using the enrollment form on this website