A practical experience in Italy



Your professional future

After years of intense studies you are about to go out to the job market, trying to make the best out of the knowledge and experience you have gained in college.

Your time and resources are precious, yet you are required to provide immediate proof and a clear advantage to convince employers that you are the one they need.

Know-how of Italian cuisine is a well-known asset to whoever wants to take part in the world of culinary art.

Thanks to the experience and network of relationships that UDS has entertained with restaurants and catering businesses, you can enjoy a unique program, exclusively designed in order to give you a real advantage in job searching and give an ‘Italian Flavor’ to your resume.

Your time is precious

The practical experience has been designed to fit into your schedule as a current student or graduate; furthermore the Internship can be validated for credit recognition at your Campus. The timetable has been set to guarantee a fully balanced amount of time during which the program’s objectives can be achieved.

Up to 6 months – 3 objectives to be achieved

Orientation to Italian culture – The first three days will be dedicated to the submission of all necessary documentation for your stay in Italy: a UDS representative will help you obtain an Italian Fiscal Code, as well as send in the application for requesting a temporary residence Permit; you will also be asked to pass two tests: European legislation for Food Hygiene (HACCP) and Safety at the workplace. You will receive a certificate of achievement that is necessary to carry out activities in the restaurant sector (according to the Italian legislation).

Basic notions of Italian language (optional)* – We suggest you spend the following 3 weeks attending an intensive Italian language class, during which you will learn basic notions of Italian grammar and sectorial lexicon. New entries are accepted every Monday. You will receive a certificate of attendance from the Lingua in Corso language school.

 * The Italian Language course is not compulsory but it is highly recommended; in order to attend your internship your knowledge in Italian language should be at least at level A1 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages – CEFR). It is possible that staff at your internship location speak English but we cannot be certain of this.


A face to face encounter with today’s Italian cuisine and a real experience in the Italian culinary industry – Students will be placed in hosting entities where they will be able to put into practice the skills learned during their studies, declined to the Italian context.

Your internship in practice:



There are three sessions for internships:

  • Spring session (Starting in April and up to September – arriving in March)
  • Summer session (Starting in June and up to December – arriving in May )
  • Fall session (starting in October and up to April – arriving in September)



  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Wineries



The internship fee is 1500 Euros and it includes the orientation program and language course; if you decide not to attend the language course the internship fee is 1000 Euros.


The cost of the Internship includes:

  • Contacts with the Host entity, drafting of the Internship Project and compiling of all related documentation, legal translation of documents (when requested by the Italian Provincial administration in charge of approving the internship);
  • Administrative and organizational process between the educational institution in the country of origin and the public/private entities in Italy prior to the Internship;
  • Facilitation role between the host entity and the campus of origin for the process of credit recognition;
  • Information on the administrative procedures necessary for visa application to enter Italy;
  • Assistance in obtaining all necessary documentation for your stay in Italy, after your arrival in Italy (application for Fiscal code, application for requesting a temporary Residence Permit);
  • A 3-weeks intensive Italian Language course in Perugia ( ) from Monday to Friday, 6h/day (at students’ discretion);
  • Assistance in finding lodging for the duration of the Language Course;
  • Tutorship;
  • Orientation on Italian Culinary traditions and culture, including European Food Hygiene (HACCP) and Health and Safety at the workplace tests and Certification (which is necessary to carry out any kind of activity in the restaurant sector);
  • Assistance in finding lodging in the area of the Internship for the duration of the Internship (if lodging is not provided by the hosting entity).
  • Insurance on the workplace during the internship;
  • Assessment and monitoring during the Internship (submission of mid-term and final evaluation forms both to the intern and hosting entity);
  • Delivery of a Certificate of completion.

Other Budget Considerations at the expenses of the student:

  • Round-trip airfare;
  • Visa Expenses (if applicable);
  • Personal health Insurance;
  • Personal expenses (for transportation, meals – if not provided by the hosting entity - , rent, telephone, utility bill, and others).



The internship Fee to Uds must be made within one month from arriving in Italy for the internship.

It can be made through Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

 Int. Enrollment Form