Where is the school located? How do you get to the campus from airports in Italy?

The school is located in the capital of Umbria – Perugia surrounded by a beautiful countryside. There is a train service to Perugia from every major city in Italy.

What kind of lodging arrangements are available

Lodging is available in the school dormitories or local small hotels and hostels. It includes single, double or triple rooms and special arrangements have been made to make it highly affordable for the students. Lodging includes a free continental breakfast.

Is there any free time?

Each day of each course is a full day, but weekends are free. However, some courses may include a weekend site visit to a relevant location.

Who are the teachers?

Instructors are regionally certified teachers who are all professionals working in the food and hospitality sectors. 

Will the program be taught in English?

The courses are mostly taught in English. Should there be a chef and/or industry expert doing e teaching, a translator will accompany them for each class.

What do I need to bring with me?

Chef uniforms will be provided by UdS for each enrolled student and faculty. Tools such as knife sets will be provided by the school as well.

Is UdS an accredited school?

Yes it is accredited by the Region of Umbria as a professional training center. UdS has also pursued an American accreditation through ACF and our courses can be used as professional development or continuing education towards ACF certification.