URBANI CONTEST: here are the winners!

They were the first to register for the contest and they were also the first classified for the “Culinary contest in memory of Paolo Urbani”, the first edition of the ambitious project of international collaboration between  Università dei Sapori and the company Urbani Tartufi. Both for Rachel Walton and Samantha Santti from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh fate was already written in their team name «Team Soigné». Refined and precise were the dished of the all-female duet from Pennsylvania, in the north-eastern part of the United States, between the Great Lakes region and the Atlantic Ocean. There was no doubt in the execution of their  “Duck Breast with truffle mousseline filling, duck skin in a truffle crust” according to the jury, which was led by the food and wine journalist Bruno Petronilli.

This had been a particularly hard task, since the high skill level of the seven finalist teams. These teams were composed by two students who had won scholarships provided by Paolo Urbani Foundation. Thanks to those, 14 american students from some of the most important colleges from overseas had the chance to to attend a two-week training course in Umbria at Università dei Sapori, in order to become professional chefs and truffle ambassadors worldwide. The final verdict was held on Friday 8th April at the offices of the Umbrian International Training Centre and Food Culture. It was a dream for these young chefs, many of them crossed the threshold of their homes for the first time and found themselves in the land of “Eating Well”. On Friday 8th April were held at the Umbrian International Training Centre and FoodCulture both the final verdict and the gala dinner with a menu based on truffle specialties. Second place for “Braised Rabbit in truffle Jus e spinach Pasta decorated with truffle and fried quail egg” made by the team “Truffle Bound” from Tampa, Florida formed by Devin Davis & Kirsten Jo. Third place for the dish “Braised truffle beaconwith cauliflower and truffle puree, Masa  Crumble and olive cracker, garnished with a spicy pomegranate sauce, made by the duet “Berets” from California—Orange County”.

The President of Università dei Sapori, Anna Rita Fioroni, expressed satisfaction for the result of the competition and thanked Urbani company for having supported this initiative. The latter was able to promote the vocation, the excellence of the territory and the talent of the competitors, thanks to the synergy between two important regional institution. In this way, the competitors had had the possibility to become familiar and appreciate our Country and to become true “ambassadors of Umbrian culinary culture, truffle and made-in-Italy products in the world”.