Signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement between Università dei Sapori and RED AGE

 On October 14th a Cooperation Framework Agreement was signed at the UDS headquarters between Università dei Sapori – International Centre for Food Education and Culture – and RED Academica Gastronómica de Ecuador - AGE, giving way to an important alliance between Universities and Institutions of Higher Education. The  five-year Agreement was signed by Santiago Granda León,  Promotor of the RED – AGE from Ecuador and Anna Rita Fioroni, President of Università dei Sapori; such Agreement is to be considered a pilot project for the qualification of Human Resources in the food sector.

Among the objectives: create and develop joint training programs in the food sector, both for instructors and students coming from any of the institution part of the RED AGE and UDS; carry out studies, projects and research and development programs in scientific ambits that are of mutual interest; create, promote and develop a study tour program for students and faculty of RED AGE and UDS; organize internships for students and find scholarships; plan and develop a program for communication and multimedia publications that can refer about and promote all the activities carried out. According to the objectives that will be considered obtainable, specific agreements will be signed in order to implement a Joint Committee composed of eight representatives with the objective of selecting the subjects and concrete activities object of the specific agreements, as well as monitor all the inherent activities.  

Present at the signing of the Framework Agreement also Naomi Costantini from IILA, María Gonzalez, representing the Consulate of Ecuador in Perugia, Romolo Santoni President of the Amerindian Association in Perugia. The RED AGE was represented by: Pablo Cruz, Director de gastronomía at the Universidad Internacional del Ecuador; Juan Pablo Holguín, Coordinador de gastronomía and Alfredo Salazar, Gastronomic instructor at the Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial; Marlene Jaramillo, Directora Gastronomía at the Universidad de Cuenca; Gonzalo Cadena, Vicerrector and Jonathan Proaño, Gastronomic Instructor at the Universidad de Especialidades Turísticas; Maria Teresa Becerra, Gastronomic Coordinator and Carlos Burbano, Gastronomic instructor at the Instituto Internacional de Hotelería y Turismo; Fátima Zamora, Gestor de Vinculación con la Sociedad, Licenciatura en Gastronomía at the Universidad de Guayaquil; Santiago Granda, Promotor and Alejandro Andrade, Director of operations from the Instituto de Arte Culinario de Guayaquil.


The RED Academia Gastronómica de Ecuador - AGE, is an alliance founded by various Institutions of Higher Education, as set out by the Organic Law on Education in Art. 138, allowing institutions of higher education to form alliances and sign agreements for the creation of networks. This Red is composed by: a) Instituto Superior Tecnológico de Art Culinario “Escuela de los Chefs de Guayaquil” for the administration and distribution of foods and beverages, represented by its Dean Jorge Patricio Patiño Salvador; b) Instituto Superior Tecnológico “Espiritu Santo”, represented by its Dean Aldo Alfredo Maino Isaías; c) Instituto Superior Tecnológico "Sudamericano” represented by its Dean Sonia Manzano Vela; d) Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo, represented by its Dean Joaquín Hernández Alvarado; e) Universidad de Guayaquil, represented by its Dean Roberto Cassis; f) Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial, represented by its Dean José Julio Cevallos; g) Universidad San Francisco de Quito, represented by its Dean Santiago Gangotena; h) Universidad Internacional de Ecuador, represented by its Dean Xavier Fernández Orrantia; i) Universidad de los Hemisferios, represented by its Dean Alejandro Ribadeneira Espinosa; j) Universidad de Especialidades Turísticas, represented by its Dean Maria de Lourdes Jarrin; k) Instituto Tecnológico de Turismo y Hotelería Internacional ITHI, represented by its Dean Sr. Mario Román; l) Universidad de Cuenca, represented by its Dean Fabián Carrasco Castro; m) Instituto Superior Tecnológico San Isidro, represented by its Dean Sandra El Khori El Khouri.