Extra-virgin oil is a very important resource for Italy and, more particularly for Umbria.

Italy is the second olive oil producer in Europe with an average national production of more than 600 million kg, of which two-third is extra-virgin, and with 39 PDO designations (PGI) recognized by the European Union. We find olive production in 18 regions out of 20.

Italy lists more than 540 olive varieties, all of which can produce an oil with special characteristics. With the homogenization of tastes we witness on the market worldwide, this is an asset to know, to preserve, to defend, and to enjoy.

The Region of Umbria contributes can be considered one of the most interesting olive-producing area of the country, for the quality and particularity of its product, as well as for the many connections olive has with the history, culture, landscape, and economic and social fabric of the region.

The Mediterranean diet, declared “Intangible cultural heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO, recognizes extra-virgin olive oil as a product that guarantees a supply of elements that are of major importance for the human body.

The training project to get to know olive oil

Università dei Sapori - national centre for culinary education and culture – collaborates with Assoprol Umbria (Association of the olive producers of Umbria) in pursuit of the common objective of communicating and explaining what is a quality oil and how to recognize it, of teaching how to use it correctly, bringing it on our tables and adding it to our dishes, to sum it up, of promoting it. Università dei Sapori and Assoprol Umbria have developed the project of a one week- training programme in Umbria – Italy, for 10 aspiring young chefs enrolled in European culinary schools.

The aspiring young chefs will have one week to increase their knowledge of oil, its methods and places of production, the sensory analysis to recognize the intrinsic and extrinsic qualities of it, to learn how to  skilfully use it in the traditional Italian cuisine. This will constitute an educational experience that will enrich their professional skills as well as their emotional and sensory awareness.

The project includes a workshop at the SELANDIA school that will promote and announce the results of the contest.

The Contest

In order to make the participation to this training week in Italy as accessible as possible and to select 10 young chefs who will benefit from this training week, we will launch a culinary contest for one or more European culinary schools.

Description of the contest:

The Contest is a competition in which teams compete for the preparation of the best original dish based on olive oil.

Each team will be composed of two students from the same course,  that will work on their own under the supervision of a chef instructor nominated by the school.

The goal of the contest is to create and prepare two different dishes: one savoury and one sweet single portion.

Both dishes need to have oil as their main ingredient.

UDS will provide the oil samplings to be  used.


 Contest Enrolment Form


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